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History & Staff

Lori M. Chappell and the staff of Lori's Funeral Home and Cremation Services are proud to serve Raleigh families with compassion and integrity. You can entrust your loved one's final arrangements to her capable hands and rest assured that everything will be handled according to your wishes.

Our Motto is:

Never let cost keep you from having the best in Funeral Service. 

It is our firm belief and mission statement that costs will never keep our patrons from having the best possible funeral service.

Ms. Chappell is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and North Carolina Central University with degrees in health policy and administration and public administration.Her achievements stand testament to her professionalism and commitment to providing the very best service.

Our Valued Staff

Lori M Chappell-Green Washington

Lori M Chappell-Green Washington, Owner

Lori is kind, compassionate,business savvy and very easy to talk to. She has over 19 years in this industry and is professional and will include every detail of how you and your family desire the Life Tribute for your loved one to be designed.

Beverly Moore

Beverly Moore

Barbara Perry

Barbara Perry, Office Manager

She was born in raised in Henderson, North Carolina and is the heart and soul of our new facility in Henderson. Her compassion and caring are blessing to the community.

Darryl Wright

Darryl Wright, Employee Compliance Officer

Darryl touches the heart of everyone he meets. His gentle, understanding spirit and bright smile can lift the hearts of grief weary families and help them overcome.

David Mills, funeral attendant at Lori Chappell’s Funeral Home brings a wealth of experience and a humble willing spirit to work. This caring, compassionate individual helps families during this difficult time of transition.

Esther Pearson

Esther Pearson, Administrative Manager and Personnel Advocate

Her compassion, warmth and gentle guidance keeps our staff on the straight and narrow path. We love Miss Esther and know you will also.

Frank Alston

Frank Alston

Lori's cousin, is a rock solid member of our staff. He came to us from Lori's home church-Solid Rock Ministries International. His knowledge, compassion and efforts help us provide the best end-of-life care in the community.

Mr. Fredrick Lassiter

Mr. Fredrick Lassiter, Funeral Attendant

Mr. Fredrick Lassiter, our other funeral attendant, brings a lifetime of experience and compassionate care to Lori Chappell's Funeral Home in Raleigh. His outreach to our patrons empowers them to bear the loss of a loved one.

Sandra Clark

Sandra Clark, Administrative Assistant

Sandra Clark, our administrative assistant adopted Lori as her daughter when times were tough for the business. She's a steadfast supporter and the organizing hand that keeps the business running smoothly.

Valerie Crenshaw-Royster

Valerie Crenshaw-Royster, Assistant Manager

In many ways, she's the pivot point everyone else revolves around. Setting schedules and keeping the operation running efficiently, she makes sure overall operations run smoothly.