General Price List

The goods and services shown below are those we can provide to our customers.  You may choose only the items you desire.  However, any funeral arrangements you select will include a charge for our basic services and overhead. If legal or other requirements mean you must any items you did not specifically ask for, we will explain the reason in writing on the statement we provide describing the funeral goods and services you selected.

(These prices are subject to change without notice.)

Summer Cremation Special $795

*Mention discount code 795

Basic services of Funeral Director and Staff + Overhead $2300

Our services include:  conducting the arrangements conference; planning the funeral; consulting with family and clergy; shelter of remains; preparing and filing the necessary notices; obtaining necessary authorizations and permits; coordinating with the cemetery, crematory, or third parties.  In addition, this fee includes a proportionate share of our basic overhead costs.

This fee for our basic services and overhead will be added to the total cost of the funeral arrangements you select.  (This fee is already included in our charges for direct cremations, immediate burials, and forwarding or receiving remains.)

Embalming $950

Except in certain special cases, embalming is not required by law.  Embalming may be necessary, however, if you select certain funeral arrangements, such as a funeral with viewing.  If you do not want embalming, you usually have the right to choose an arrangement that does not require you to pay for it, such as direct cremation or immediate burial.

Other preparation of the body

  • Casketing: $75
  • Washing/Disinfecting: $100
  • Cosmetology/Hairdressing: $85
  • Opening & Closing of Grave: $675

Removal of Remains or Transportation from place of death: $350

Other Charges

  • Hearse: $450
  • Limousine: $450
  • Lead Car: $200
  • Flower/Utility 
  • Memorial DVD: $150
  • Memorial Panel/Blanket: $200
  • Organist for Wake/Funeral: $150
  • Credit Card trans. fee: 1.5% of total bill
  • Factoring Fee: 4.5%
  • Insurance factoring fee: 4% of total bill
  • House Setup: $275
  • Opening and closing of grave: $650

Caskets $1595 to $4895

  • Use of facilities/staff for visitation and/or wake (church of choice): $450
  • Use of facilities/staff for funeral ceremony (church of choice): $450
  • Use of facilities/staff for memorial service (church of choice): 450
  • Use of equipment/staff for graveside services and tent equipment: $350
  • Storage of Remains/Refrigeration: $175 per Day after 24-hours

Our charges include:  basic services of the funeral director and staff, a proportionate share of overhead costs, removal of remains, embalming and/or other preparation of remains, if relevant, and local transportation to the airport.

Receiving Remains from Another Funeral Home $2550

Our charges include: basic services of funeral director and staff; a proportionate share of overhead costs, transportation of remains from airport to the funeral home.

Direct Cremation $1500 - $1775

Direct cremation includes one arrangement conference with funeral director to obtain necessary authorizations, removing of the body from location of death, transportation to crematory and remains returned in a temporary urn.  **If you want to arrange a direct cremation, you can use an alternative container.  Alternative containers encase the body and can be made of materials like fiberboard or composition materials (with or without an outside covering).  The containers we provide are a fiberboard or an unfinished wood box.**

  • Direct cremation with container provided by the purchaser: $1500
  • Direct cremation with a wood box: $1775
  • Direct cremation with a fiberboard container: $1675

Immediate Burial $1550 - $4045

Our charge for an immediate burial (without ceremony) includes: basic service of funeral director and staff; a proportionate share of overhead costs, removal of remains, and local transportation to cemetery.

  • Immediate burial with casket provided by purchaser: $1550
  • Immediate burial with casket selected (add price of casket): $1550

Out of the Country Shipment $3495

Our charge is for the coordination of shipment to countries outside the U.S. This also includes contacting the appropriate consulate, making the airline itinerary, transfer flights, filing and filling out the necessary paperwork with the forwarding funeral home, transportation to the airport from the funeral home.  

Ex:  El Salvador - Shipping Requirements


Transport of Human Remains

1. Certified copies of Death certificate (2)

2. Burial/Transit Permit (notarized by County Clerk office)

3. Passport or birth certificate of decedent

4. Embalmer's affidavit (notarized)

5. Letter of non-contagious disease (notarized)

6. Funeral home letter stating: 1) only remains are inside the casket; 2) flight itinerary; 3) consignee's name, address, and telephone number;

7. Metal Casket – hermetically sealed

8. All wood shipping container

9. Consulate does not need to see remains, simply an airway bill and deliver to carrier. In bound customs will inspect documents

Transport of Cremated Remains

1. All the above documents required except the letter of embalming and non contagious disease